Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Batch service cmdlets for Azure Resource Manager in Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core.

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This is a prerelease version of Az.Batch.

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Install-Module -Name Az.Batch -RequiredVersion 2.0.0-preview -AllowPrerelease

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Azure ResourceManager ARM Batch


Remove-AzBatchAccount Get-AzBatchAccount Get-AzBatchAccountKey New-AzBatchAccount New-AzBatchAccountKey Set-AzBatchAccount New-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchJobStatistic Remove-AzBatchApplication Remove-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchApplication Set-AzBatchApplication New-AzBatchApplication Get-AzBatchCertificate Remove-AzBatchCertificate New-AzBatchCertificate Stop-AzBatchCertificateDeletion Disable-AzBatchComputeNodeScheduling Enable-AzBatchComputeNodeScheduling Get-AzBatchRemoteLoginSetting Remove-AzBatchComputeNode Reset-AzBatchComputeNode Restart-AzBatchComputeNode Set-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Get-AzBatchNodeFile Get-AzBatchNodeFileContent Get-AzBatchRemoteDesktopProtocolFile Remove-AzBatchNodeFile Disable-AzBatchJobSchedule Enable-AzBatchJobSchedule Set-AzBatchJobSchedule Stop-AzBatchJobSchedule Disable-AzBatchJob Enable-AzBatchJob New-AzBatchJob Remove-AzBatchJob Set-AzBatchJob Stop-AzBatchJob Get-AzBatchJob Get-AzBatchJobPreparationAndReleaseTaskStatus Disable-AzBatchAutoScale Enable-AzBatchAutoScale Get-AzBatchPoolStatistic Get-AzBatchPoolUsageMetric Get-AzBatchPool Get-AzBatchSupportedImage New-AzBatchPool Remove-AzBatchPool Set-AzBatchPool Start-AzBatchPoolResize Stop-AzBatchPoolResize Test-AzBatchAutoScale Get-AzBatchLocationQuota Get-AzBatchSubtask Get-AzBatchTask New-AzBatchTask Remove-AzBatchTask New-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Remove-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Enable-AzBatchTask Set-AzBatchTask Stop-AzBatchTask Get-AzBatchComputeNode Get-AzBatchJobSchedule New-AzBatchJobSchedule Remove-AzBatchJobSchedule Get-AzBatchTaskCount Get-AzBatchPoolNodeCount Start-AzBatchComputeNodeServiceLogUpload New-AzBatchResourceFile


Core Desktop


Release Notes

* Renamed 'CoreQuota' on 'BatchAccountContext' to 'DedicatedCoreQuota'. There is also a new 'LowPriorityCoreQuota'.
 - This impacts **Get-AzBatchAccount**.
* **New-AzBatchTask** '-ResourceFile' parameter now takes a collection of 'PSResourceFile' objects, which can be constructed using the new **New-AzBatchResourceFile** cmdlet.
* New **New-AzBatchResourceFile** cmdlet to help create 'PSResourceFile' objects. These can be supplied to **New-AzBatchTask** on the '-ResourceFile' parameter.
 - This supports two new kinds of resource file in addition to the existing 'HttpUrl' way:
   - 'AutoStorageContainerName' based resource files download an entire auto-storage container to the Batch node.
   - 'StorageContainerUrl' based resource files download the container specified in the URL to the Batch node.
* Removed 'ApplicationPackages' property of 'PSApplication' returned by **Get-AzBatchApplication**.
 - The specific packages inside of an application now can be retrieved using **Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage**. For example: 'Get-AzBatchApplication -AccountName myaccount -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -ApplicationId myapplication'.
* Renamed 'ApplicationId' to 'ApplicationName' on **Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **New-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **Remove-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **Get-AzBatchApplication**, **New-AzBatchApplication**, **Remove-AzBatchApplication**, and **Set-AzBatchApplication**.
 - 'ApplicationId' now is an alias of 'ApplicationName'.
* Added new 'PSWindowsUserConfiguration' property to 'PSUserAccount'.
* Renamed 'Version' to 'Name' on 'PSApplicationPackage'.
* Renamed 'BlobSource' to 'HttpUrl' on 'PSResourceFile'.
* Removed 'OSDisk' property from 'PSVirtualMachineConfiguration'.
* Removed **Set-AzBatchPoolOSVersion**. This operation is no longer supported.
* Removed 'TargetOSVersion' from 'PSCloudServiceConfiguration'.
* Renamed 'CurrentOSVersion' to 'OSVersion' on 'PSCloudServiceConfiguration'.
* Removed 'DataEgressGiB' and 'DataIngressGiB' from 'PSPoolUsageMetrics'.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.4.0 2,424,428 4/4/2023
3.3.0 3,498,756 1/10/2023
3.2.1 4,966,065 8/9/2022
3.2.0 6,024,719 4/26/2022
3.1.1 4,326,696 11/2/2021
3.1.0 21,700,040 6/23/2020
3.0.0 728,430 5/19/2020
2.0.2 4,315,145 12/17/2019
2.0.1 1,247,302 11/4/2019
2.0.0-preview (current version) 150 9/25/2019
1.1.2 944,440 10/15/2019
1.1.1 513,964 8/27/2019
1.1.0 1,462,152 4/23/2019
1.0.1-preview 170 3/4/2019
1.0.0 417,316 12/18/2018
0.7.0 12,102 12/4/2018
0.6.1 10,573 11/21/2018
0.5.0 9,672 11/6/2018
0.4.0 11,036 10/23/2018
0.3.0 10,993 10/9/2018
0.2.2 4,698 9/24/2018
0.1.0 308 8/28/2018
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