Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Batch service cmdlets for Azure Resource Manager in Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core.

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Install-Module -Name Az.Batch -RequiredVersion 3.2.0

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Azure ResourceManager ARM Batch


Remove-AzBatchAccount Get-AzBatchAccount Get-AzBatchAccountKey New-AzBatchAccount New-AzBatchAccountKey Set-AzBatchAccount New-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchJobStatistic Remove-AzBatchApplication Remove-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage Get-AzBatchApplication Set-AzBatchApplication New-AzBatchApplication Get-AzBatchCertificate Remove-AzBatchCertificate New-AzBatchCertificate Stop-AzBatchCertificateDeletion Disable-AzBatchComputeNodeScheduling Enable-AzBatchComputeNodeScheduling Get-AzBatchRemoteLoginSetting Remove-AzBatchComputeNode Reset-AzBatchComputeNode Restart-AzBatchComputeNode Set-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Get-AzBatchNodeFile Get-AzBatchNodeFileContent Get-AzBatchRemoteDesktopProtocolFile Remove-AzBatchNodeFile Disable-AzBatchJobSchedule Enable-AzBatchJobSchedule Set-AzBatchJobSchedule Stop-AzBatchJobSchedule Disable-AzBatchJob Enable-AzBatchJob New-AzBatchJob Remove-AzBatchJob Set-AzBatchJob Stop-AzBatchJob Get-AzBatchJob Get-AzBatchJobPreparationAndReleaseTaskStatus Disable-AzBatchAutoScale Enable-AzBatchAutoScale Get-AzBatchPoolStatistic Get-AzBatchPoolUsageMetric Get-AzBatchPool Get-AzBatchSupportedImage New-AzBatchPool Remove-AzBatchPool Set-AzBatchPool Start-AzBatchPoolResize Stop-AzBatchPoolResize Test-AzBatchAutoScale Get-AzBatchLocationQuota Get-AzBatchSubtask Get-AzBatchTask New-AzBatchTask Remove-AzBatchTask New-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Remove-AzBatchComputeNodeUser Enable-AzBatchTask Set-AzBatchTask Stop-AzBatchTask Get-AzBatchComputeNode Get-AzBatchJobSchedule New-AzBatchJobSchedule Remove-AzBatchJobSchedule Get-AzBatchTaskCount Get-AzBatchPoolNodeCount Start-AzBatchComputeNodeServiceLogUpload New-AzBatchResourceFile Get-AzBatchSupportedVirtualMachineSku Get-AzBatchTaskSlotCount Get-AzBatchComputeNodeExtension


Core Desktop


Release Notes

* Updated Az.Batch to use 'Microsoft.Azure.Batch' SDK version 15.3.0
 - Add ability to assign user-assigned managed identities to 'PSCloudPool'. These identities will be made available on each node in the pool, and can be used to access various resources.
 - Added 'IdentityReference' property to the following models to support accessing resources via managed identity:
   - 'PSAzureBlobFileSystemConfiguration'
   - 'PSOutputFileBlobContainerDestination'
   - 'PSContainerRegistry'
   - 'PSResourceFile'
   - 'PSUploadBatchServiceLogsConfiguration'
 - Added new 'extensions' property to 'PSVirtualMachineConfiguration' on 'PSCloudPool' to specify virtual machine extensions for nodes
 - Added the ability to specify availability zones using a new property 'NodePlacementConfiguration' on 'VirtualMachineConfiguration'
 - Added new 'OSDisk' property to 'VirtualMachineConfiguration', which contains settings for the operating system disk of the Virtual Machine.
   - The 'Placement' property on 'PSDiffDiskSettings' specifies the ephemeral disk placement for operating system disks for all VMs in the pool. Setting it to 'CacheDisk' will store the ephemeral OS disk on the VM cache.
 - Added 'MaxParallelTasks' property on 'PSCloudJob' to control the maximum allowed tasks per job (defaults to -1, meaning unlimited).
 - Added 'VirtualMachineInfo' property on 'PSComputeNode' which contains information about the current state of the virtual machine, including the exact version of the marketplace image the VM is using.
 - Added 'RecurrenceInterval' property to 'PSSchedule' to control the interval between the start times of two successive job under a job schedule.
 - Added a new 'Get-AzBatchComputeNodeExtension' command, which gets a specific extension by name, or a list of all extensions, for a given compute node.
* Updated Az.Batch'Microsoft.Azure.Management.Batch' SDK version 14.0.0.
 - Added a new 'Get-AzBatchSupportedVirtualMachineSku' command, which gets the list of Batch-supported Virtual Machine VM sizes available at a given location.
 - Added a new 'Get-AzBatchTaskSlotCount' command, which gets the number of task slots required by a given job.
 - 'MaxTasksPerComputeNode' has been renamed to 'TaskSlotsPerNode', to match a change in functionality.
   - 'MaxTasksPerComputeNode' will remain as an alias but will be removed in a coming update.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.4.0 2,602,104 4/4/2023
3.3.0 3,503,587 1/10/2023
3.2.1 4,973,683 8/9/2022
3.2.0 (current version) 6,064,112 4/26/2022
3.1.1 4,336,303 11/2/2021
3.1.0 21,722,537 6/23/2020
3.0.0 729,258 5/19/2020
2.0.2 4,318,115 12/17/2019
2.0.1 1,249,081 11/4/2019
2.0.0-preview 150 9/25/2019
1.1.2 947,332 10/15/2019
1.1.1 513,994 8/27/2019
1.1.0 1,462,679 4/23/2019
1.0.1-preview 170 3/4/2019
1.0.0 417,343 12/18/2018
0.7.0 12,102 12/4/2018
0.6.1 10,573 11/21/2018
0.5.0 9,672 11/6/2018
0.4.0 11,036 10/23/2018
0.3.0 10,993 10/9/2018
0.2.2 4,698 9/24/2018
0.1.0 308 8/28/2018
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