Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Azure Policy Insights cmdlets. Allows querying policy evaluation events and compliance states.

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Install-Module -Name AzureRM.PolicyInsights

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Azure ResourceManager ARM Provider Policy PolicyInsights PolicyEvent PolicyState Remediation


Get-AzureRmPolicyEvent Get-AzureRmPolicyState Get-AzureRmPolicyStateSummary Get-AzureRmPolicyRemediation Remove-AzureRmPolicyRemediation Start-AzureRmPolicyRemediation Stop-AzureRmPolicyRemediation


Release Notes

Microsoft Azure PowerShell - PolicyInsights service cmdlets.
This module is outdated and will go out of support on 29 February 2024.
The Az.PolicyInsights module has all the capabilities of AzureRM.PolicyInsights and provides the following improvements:
* Az.PolicyInsights takes advantage of greater security with token cache encryption and improved authentication.
* Availability in Azure Cloud Shell and on Linux and macOS.
We encourage you to start using the Az module as soon as possible to take advantage of these improvements.
[Update your scripts]( that use AzureRM PowerShell modules to use Az PowerShell modules by 29 February 2024. To automatically update your scripts, follow the [quickstart guide](


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.1 (current version) 10,497,138 3/23/2021
1.1.0 6,047,921 11/6/2018
1.0.4 689,590 8/14/2018
1.0.3 112,062 7/31/2018
1.0.2 254,019 7/3/2018
1.0.1 149,599 6/19/2018
0.9.1-preview 74 5/7/2018
0.9.0-preview 78 4/10/2018
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