Carbon.IIS is a module for installing and managing IIS app pools, websites, applications, and configuring other parts of IIS.

Minimum PowerShell version


This is a prerelease version of Carbon.IIS.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Carbon.IIS -RequiredVersion 1.0.0-rc8 -AllowPrerelease

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Aaron Jensen


Aaron Jensen and WebMD Health Services

Package Details



Desktop Core iis website app pool http https ssl tls web.config applicationHost.config application default document server manager security authentication configuration section mime map directory browsing redirect virtual header id certificate windows anonymous basic lock unlock WebAdministration Microsoft.Web.Administration Carbon


Add-CIisDefaultDocument ConvertTo-CIisVirtualPath Disable-CIisSecurityAuthentication Enable-CIisDirectoryBrowsing Enable-CIisSecurityAuthentication Enable-CIisHttps Get-CIisApplication Get-CIisAppPool Get-CIisConfigurationSection Get-CIisConfigurationLocationPath Get-CIisHttpHeader Get-CIisHttpRedirect Get-CIisMimeMap Get-CIisSecurityAuthentication Get-CIisVersion Get-CIisVirtualDirectory Get-CIisWebsite Install-CIisApplication Install-CIisAppPool Install-CIisVirtualDirectory Install-CIisWebsite Join-CIisPath Lock-CIisConfigurationSection Remove-CIisConfigurationAttribute Remove-CIisConfigurationLocation Remove-CIisMimeMap Restart-CIisAppPool Restart-CIisWebsite Save-CIisConfiguration Set-CIisAnonymousAuthentication Set-CIisAppPool Set-CIisAppPoolCpu Set-CIisAppPoolPeriodicRestart Set-CIisAppPoolProcessModel Set-CIisAppPoolRecycling Set-CIisConfigurationAttribute Set-CIisHttpHeader Set-CIisHttpRedirect Set-CIisMimeMap Set-CIisWebsite Set-CIisWebsiteID Set-CIisWebsiteLimit Set-CIisWebsiteLogFile Set-CIisWebsiteHttpsCertificate Set-CIisWindowsAuthentication Start-CIisAppPool Start-CIisWebsite Stop-CIisAppPool Stop-CIisWebsite Test-CIisAppPool Test-CIisConfigurationSection Test-CIisSecurityAuthentication Test-CIisWebsite Uninstall-CIisAppPool Uninstall-CIisWebsite Unlock-CIisConfigurationSection Wait-CIisAppPoolWorkerProcess


Desktop Core


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.0 81 2/18/2023
1.0.0-rc9 3 2/16/2023
1.0.0-rc8 (current version) 4 2/13/2023
1.0.0-rc7 4 2/8/2023
1.0.0-rc6 3 2/8/2023
1.0.0-rc5 19 1/23/2023
1.0.0-rc4 7 1/20/2023
1.0.0-rc3 3 1/18/2023
1.0.0-rc2 3 1/11/2023
1.0.0-rc1 4 12/29/2022
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