A module for storing and reading configuration values, with full PS Data serialization, automatic configuration for modules and scripts, etc.

There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Install-Module -Name Configuration -RequiredVersion 1.3.1

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Joel Bennett


Copyright (c) 2014-2017 by Joel Bennett, all rights reserved.

Package Details



Development Configuration Settings Storage


Import-Configuration Export-Configuration Get-StoragePath Add-MetadataConverter ConvertFrom-Metadata ConvertTo-Metadata Export-Metadata Import-Metadata Update-Manifest Get-ManifestValue *


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       v1.3.1: Use GetPureExpression().Value to support older versions of PowerShell

       v1.3.0: Bump version to hide 1.2 and justify the change to the save paths.
               Rename Get-StoragePath to Get-ConfigurationPath (old name is aliased)
       v1.2.0: Add Support for Linux and MacOS
               Stop using `mkdir -Force` because it does not work on Linux
               Add default paths for posix systems based on XDG standards
               Add logic for overriding the default paths in the Manifest
               Fix a bug in PSObject serialization (from v1.1.1)
               Fix bug with special property names (like PSObject) caused by dot notation
               Fix tests so they run cross-platform
               ACCIDENTALLY changed default save paths:
                  Using "powershell" instead of WindowsPowerShell (even in WindowsPowerShell)
       v1.1.0: Added support for ScriptBlocks and SwitchParameters
               Added support for serializing objects as hashtables


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.5.1 56,881 7/18/2022
1.5.0 72,276 7/3/2021
1.4.0-perfor... 959 1/19/2021
1.4.0-ghacti... 670 1/9/2021
1.3.1 (current version) 131,966 7/12/2018
1.3.0 31,842 5/1/2018
1.2.0 7,094 11/13/2017
1.1.1 1,106 10/19/2017
1.0.2 4,740 9/25/2016
1.0.0 772 9/6/2016
0.9.0 668 9/2/2016
0.8 896 5/11/2016
0.7 657 5/11/2016
0.4 686 4/15/2016
0.3.1 682 3/8/2016
0.3 662 3/5/2016
0.2.1 725 11/11/2015
0.2 691 11/11/2015
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