Provides functions to convert between time zones, as well as between the local system time and UTC.

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Install-Module -Name LocalToUtc

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Gad Berger


(c) 2017 Gad Berger. All rights reserved.

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time timezone utc convert


Convert-UtcToLocal Convert-LocalToUtc Convert-TimeZone


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       * Fixed a type issue found when running with Powershell Core 6

       * Added argument completers for -TimeZone, -FromTimeZone and -ToTimeZone parameters
       * Argument completers are only available on powershell >= 5.0
       * Fixed a bug when not sending a time parameter to Convert-UtcToLocal

       * Added a generic Convert-TimeZone function
       * Updated Convert-LocalToUtc and Convert-UtcToLocal to use Convert-TimeZone
       * Breaking Changes
         - Renamed the -LocalTime parameter to -Time for Convert-LocalToUtc
         - Renamed the -UtcTime parameter to -Time for Convert-UtcToLocal

       * Lowered the required version of PS to 4.0

       * Intorduced pipeline support!
       * Switched to using tzutil when Get-TimeZone is not available
       * Replaced [System.DateTime]::Parse with Get-Date
       * Moved the TimeZone to the second position in the unnamed parameters
       * Only returning the converted time unless a -Verbose switch is used
       * Initial release of Convert-LocalToUtc and Convert-UtcToLocal


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.5.1 (current version) 323 10/15/2019
1.5.0 211 9/21/2017
1.4.0 17 9/20/2017
1.3.1 30 9/11/2017
1.3.0 18 9/10/2017
1.2.0 17 9/10/2017
1.1.0 17 9/8/2017
1.0.0 19 9/6/2017
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