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Release Notes

# Release Notes
## v0.7.0

Upgraded to PowerShell 7.2 and .NET target framework `net60`

Updated Terminal.Gui to 1.7

Fixed #131 - Strip ANSI

## v0.6.3


## v0.6.2

Update Terminal.Gui to 1.0.

Disable mouse mode to fix bug with mouse movement being printed to console.

Gracefully fail when running in remote sessions.

## v0.6.1

Fix off-by-one error with ellipsis so columns should be better aligned.

## v0.6.0

Now supports `-Filter` parameter.

Updated to use the final release of `Terminal.Gui` v0.90 (which is feature complete for 1.0).

## v0.5.0

`Out-ConsoleGridView` has been totally refactored!

First off, no more silly F9 menu to accept!
All you have to do is hit `ENTER` to accept your selection or `ESC` to cancel.

Also, `-OutputMode` works as expected now. `Single` lets you only select one item. `Multiple` is the default.

## v0.4.1

* Fix filter indexing to return correct selected objects

## v0.4.0

* Regex filter
* Newlines rendering fix (Thanks @tig!)

## v0.3.0

* Windows OS support (PS 6.2+)
* dynamic column widths
* Fix arrow key issue on non-Windows

## v0.2.0

Initial Release


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.7.2 (current version) 8,758 8/25/2022
0.6.2 35,441 4/29/2021
0.6.1 3,764 9/29/2020
0.6.0 30 9/28/2020
0.5.0 46 9/27/2020
0.4.1 2,306 3/19/2020
0.4.0 125 3/17/2020
0.3.0 399 3/10/2020
0.2.0 405 3/6/2020
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