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Install-Module -Name Network -RequiredVersion 0.7.1

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Chris Masters


(c) 2017 Chris Masters. All rights reserved.

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Network DNS web IP Address ifconfig netstat cert certificate


Get-DnsAddressList Get-DNSDebugLog Get-DnsCache Clear-DnsCache Get-HostsFile Add-HostsFileEntry Remove-HostsFileEntry ConvertTo-DottedDecimalIP ConvertTo-DecimalIP ifconfig Get-MyIpAddress Get-WebCertificate Get-WebSecurityProtocol Set-WebSecurityProtocol Import-509Certificate Expand-Uri Enable-Proxy Disable-Proxy Set-WebCertificatePolicy Get-Netstat Send-WakeOnLan


Release Notes

Version 0.1
- Day one

Version 0.2
- Function (WEB) Added : Get-WebCertificate
- Function (DNS) Changed : Added progress to the Get-DnsDebugLog

Version 0.3
- Function (WEB) added : Get-WebSecurityProtocol
- Function (WEB) added : Set-WebSecurityProtocol
- Function (WEB) added : Import-509Certificate

Version 0.4
- Function (DNS) added : Get-HostsFile : Pretty self explainatory
- Function (DNS) added : Add-HostsFileEntry : Offers elevation if not running as admin
- Function (DNS) added : Remove-HostsFileEntry : Elevation offered. Only IP arg for now.

Version 0.5
- Function (WEB) added : Expand-Uri : for seeing the destination of a shortened URL w/o going there...
- Function (WEB) changed : Set-WebSecurityProtocol had a problem with looking up current protocols.
- Function (NET) added : Get-Netstat returns an object with established and listening port info
- Module : changed : Removed the prerequisite installer of the core module.
- Module : changed : Module now requires PowerShell version 5.0

Version 0.6
- Function (NET) added : Send-WakeOnLan added

Version 0.7.1
- Function (WEB) added : Disable-Proxy added. Disables IE proxy settings via registry keys.
- Function (WEB) added : Enable-Proxy added. Enables IE proxy settings via registry keys.
- Module : changed : now requires core version to be 1.4 or higher
- Function (WEB) updated : Enable-Proxy now tries to figure out if you had proxy or auto URL configured


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.9.1 1,759 11/30/2018
0.9 31 11/30/2018
0.8 327 3/16/2018
0.7.1 (current version) 292 10/25/2017
0.7 28 10/25/2017
0.6 65 10/6/2017
0.5 32 10/5/2017
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