A curated collection of over 160 PowerShell functions. Many functions written by me. Others are attributed wherever possible.

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Bill Riedy


(c) 2021 Bill Riedy. All rights reserved.

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base64 beep binaryip calendar capslock color-hex color-rgb color-show computersite computer-site credential date-random datetime date-truncate days-week decimalip display dns-async dotteddecimalip email-address expand-string expand-tab exponentiation file file-encoding file-invalidchar folder format functions gui ini inputbox ip iprange isadmin isdate ishexstring isnumeric isvalidemail isvalidip library macaddress magic8ball markdown md5sum msgbox numlock ping-async popup progress random-date registry reverse-string rot13 round savefile scrolllock set-type share-permission share-stat shortcut sid speak subnetmask system timezone urlencode utc wrap-text xml


Compare-ObjectProperty Compare-PSGalleryObject Convert-HexToRGB Convert-ObjectToHashtable Convert-RGBToHex Convert-ROT13 Convert-SecureStringToString Convert-UserFlag ConvertFrom-Base64 ConvertFrom-Binary ConvertFrom-DateTime ConvertFrom-FsRight ConvertFrom-Hex ConvertFrom-UrlEncode ConvertFrom-UTC ConvertFrom-Xml ConvertTo-Base64 ConvertTo-Binary ConvertTo-BinaryIPv4 ConvertTo-Bool ConvertTo-DateTime ConvertTo-DecimalIPv4 ConvertTo-DottedDecimalIPv4 ConvertTo-Hex ConvertTo-OrderedDictionary ConvertTo-UncPath ConvertTo-UrlEncode ConvertTo-UTC Copy-Object Eexit Expand-IPv6 Expand-String Expand-Tab Export-CSVSortedColumn FileSizeAbove FileSizeBelow Format-MacAddress Format-RandomCase Format-ReverseString Format-SortedList Format-TitleCase Format-WrapText Get-Address Get-BashPath Get-BinaryType Get-ComputerSite Get-ComputerUptime Get-DiceRoll Get-DNSHostEntryAsync Get-DriveStat Get-Enum Get-ExecutableForFile Get-FileEncoding Get-FileName Get-FileWithLeadingSpace Get-Folder Get-Font Get-Fortune Get-GeoCode Get-InvalidFileCharacter Get-IpRange Get-LastDayInMonth Get-LongName Get-MachineType Get-MacVendor Get-Magic8Ball Get-Md5Sum Get-NetworkCredential Get-NTFSPermission Get-NtpDate Get-Power Get-PrintableAscii Get-PrivateProfileComment Get-PrivateProfileSection Get-PrivateProfileSectionNames Get-PrivateProfileString Get-PSWho Get-RandomDate Get-RandomHexDigit Get-RandomMacAddress Get-RegExpandString Get-RegistryValue Get-Round Get-SaveFile Get-Shortcut Get-ShortName Get-SID Get-SpecialFolder Get-StaticProperty Get-SubnetMaskIPv4 Get-TruncatedDate Get-Type Get-TypeAccelerator Get-UrlContent Get-WordCount Get-WordList grep Invoke-Beep Invoke-Speak Join-Object Lock-Workstation Measure-Char mklink Move-ToRecycleBin New-Credential New-InputBox New-Popup New-QR New-RandomPassword New-Screenshot New-Shortcut Out-PDFToPrinter Read-HostWithDefault Remove-BlankOrComment Remove-EmptyProperty Remove-QuotesFromCsv Remove-TeamsCache Remove-Trailing Reset-Desktop Resolve-FQDN Resolve-HostName sed Set-Capslock Set-Display Set-Numlock Set-PrivateProfileComment Set-PrivateProfileString Set-Scrolllock Set-Speaker Set-Type Set-WindowStyle Show-AllColor Show-Calendar Show-Color Show-ColorsWithBackground Show-DaysOfWeek Show-FileAttribute Show-FsRight Show-Month Show-NamedColor Show-Object Show-Progress Show-ShortDaysOfWeek Show-ShortMonth Show-SubnetMaskIPv4 Show-Timezone Start-ADReplication Start-RecordSession Stop-RecordSession Switch-Mute Test-ConnectionAsync Test-IsAdmin Test-IsCapsLock Test-IsDate Test-IsFileLocked Test-IsHexString Test-IsNull Test-IsNumeric Test-IsNumLock Test-IsScrollLock Test-IsValidEmailAddress Test-IsValidIPv4 Test-IsValidIPv6 Test-Network Test-NtpDateVsNow Test-Password Test-Port Union-Object Update-ExplorerIcon Write-StringArray Write-TextMenu


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* updated PoshFunctions.psd1 to explicitly enumerate AliasesToExport
* tested all functions work properly in both PowerShell 5.1 and 7.1.2
* updated all *.ps* to pass Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer without throwing RuleViolation. The only one I could NOT fix is function Union-Object. If you wish this error to not affect you then I would suggest that when you import the module you include the -DisableNameChecking parameter
* updated scripts to attempt to explicit and fully name all parameters and all functions and parameters match the case as found in official Microsoft documentation
* made GitHub repository viewable to the public and updated PoshFunctions.psd1 to reflect the GitHub repository
* added Convert-HexToRGB - accepts HEX strings with or without # prefix, has -IncludeInput parameter
* added Convert-RGBToHex - can either accept RGB strings or explicitly specified -Red -Green -Blue parameters
* added ConvertFrom-Binary
* added ConvertFrom-Hex
* added ConvertTo-Binary
* added ConvertTo-Hex
* added Format-TitleCase - which will capitalize the first letter of each word in a string.
* added Get-Address - will get address given specified latitude and longitude coordinates. Requires active internet connection. External site is throttled so don't make too many calls in short period of time.
* added Get-GeoCode - will get latitude and longitude coordinates for specified address. Requires active internet connection. External site is throttled so don't make too many calls in short period of time.
* added Get-LastDayInMonth
* added Get-LongName - get the longname of a passed shortname (8.3) of a file/folder. Will expand relatively named files to explicitly defined files '.\test.txt' to 'c:\temp\test.txt'
* added Get-ShortName - get the shortname (8.3) of the passed file/folder. Will expand relatively named files to explicitly defined files '.\test.txt' to 'c:\temp\test.txt'
* added New-RandomPassword - can specify minimum and maximum password lengths, whether to avoid similar characters or limit the alphabetic characters to short English words
* added Out-PrinterPDF - prints specified PDF files to the current default printer
* added Test-Network - wrapper for Get-IpRange, Test-ConnectionAsync, and Get-DNSHostEntryAsync to give summary table of ip addresses that either resolve to a host name or respond to a ping
* added Test-Password - can either check against local computer or domain. can pass either credential or username / password (as securestring)
* removed Convert-ARGBToHex
* removed Convert-HexToARGB
* removed ConvertTo-Markdown
* removed ConvertTo-PlainText
* removed ConvertTo-SecureText
* removed Get-OperatingSystemSKU
* removed Get-PoshFunctionsPrivateData
* removed Get-Share
* removed Get-SharePermission
* removed Get-ShareStat
* removed Help
* removed Remove-BOMFromFile
* removed Remove-InvalidFileNameChar
* removed Search-Method
* renamed Get-InvalidFileCharacter from Show-InvalidFileCharacter - added -IncludeValues where decimal and hexadecimal values are included in output, added -Printable where only printable characters (> 32) are in the output, added examples, added alias for function 'Show-InvalidFileCharacter', changed datatype of 'Char' from [char] to [string]
* renamed Get-SpecialFolder from Show-SpecialFolder - reworked Show-SpecialFolder, added -Name parameter with ValidateSet against it for valid SpecialFolder names and if not specified returns all SpecialFolders, added -IncludeInput to be consistent with other functions, aliased function to 'Show-SpecialFolder' for backward compatibility
* renamed Get-TypeAccelerator from Show-TypeAccelerator - added -MatchString string parameter to show only those that match, here string entries for some type accelerators that don't show up automatically, added $split delimiter depending on Powershell major version number
* renamed Get-ComputerUptime from Get-LastReboot - made function more closely mimic Get-Uptime from PowerShell 6 and 7, aliased to Get-LastReboot
* udpated Set-Type - added begin, process, end blocks, updated logic to properly accept input from pipeline and to be handled by both pwsh and Powershell
* updated Compare-ObjectProperty - updated comment help to give better .EXAMPLE
* updated Convert-ARGBToHex - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated Convert-ROT13 - added -IncludeInput parameter, added examples
* updated Convert-UserFlag - changed -UserFlag to [int[]], added -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated ConvertFrom-Base64 - added -IncludeInput
* updated ConvertFrom-DateTime - changed -DateTime parameter to -Date to be more PowerShell-y
* updated ConvertFrom-UTC - added -IncludeInput
* updated ConvertFrom-UrlEncode - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent aliased to 'IncludeOriginal', fixed minor logic error
* updated ConvertTo-Base64 - added -IncludeInput
* updated ConvertTo-BinaryIPv4 - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated ConvertTo-Bool - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated ConvertTo-DateTime - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput for consistency, aliased to 'IncludeOriginal'
* updated ConvertTo-DecimalIPv4 - added code to handle multiple addresses to be converted, added -IncludeInput, added example
* updated ConvertTo-DottedDecimalIPv4 - added code to handle multiple addresses to be converted, added -IncludeInput, added example
* updated ConvertTo-UncPath - added -IncludeInput, additional example
* updated ConvertTo-UrlEncode - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent and aliased to 'IncludeOriginal'
* updated Expand-IPv6 - added code to handle multiple addresses to be expanded, added -IncludeInput
* updated Expand-String - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent aliased to 'IncludeOriginal', added to comment help
* updated Format-MacAddress - change $prop from [hashtable] to ([ordered] [hashtable]) so behavior is consistent between PowerShell.exe and pwsh.exe
* updated Format-RandomCase - added -IncludeInput, renamed some variables inside of function, added example
* updated Get-BashPath - added example in comment help, changed New-Object parameter to match form "-Propery ([ordered] @{...})" so that output matches between PowerShell and pwsh, changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated Get-ComputerSite - change -IncludeComputerName to -IncludeInput to be consistent
* updated Get-Enum - changed -IncludeType to -IncludeInput aliased to 'IncludeType' fixed minor logic error
* updated Get-Filename - added begin, process, end blocks, added Write-Verbose
* updated Get-Folder - added begin, process, end blocks, added Write-Verbose
* updated Get-Font - added begin, process, end blocks. tightened up code in process block and slightly changed internal variable name
* updated Get-Fortune - added Wisdom.txt to module and default -Path to this file
* updated Get-IpRange - changed -Subnets to -Subnet to conform to Powershell standards, aliased to 'Subnets'
* updated Get-MacVendor - added write-verbose, updated comment help, removed redundant portion of regex
* updated Get-MachineType - added example, changed -ComputerName to [string[]] and added code to handle multiple
* updated Get-Md5Sum - changed -IncludeFile to -IncludeInput to be consistent and aliased to 'IncludeFile', changed -File to -Path to be more Powershell-y and aliased to 'File', 'FileName'
* updated Get-NTFSPermission - changed $Path from [string] to [string[]] and function can now handle multiple paths
* updated Get-Power - added -IncludeInput
* updated Get-RandomDate - added some examples in comment help, -IncludeInput parameter
* updated Get-RandomHexDigit - added begin, process, end blocks, updated comment help
* updated Get-SID - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput to be consistent and aliased to 'IncludeOriginal'
* updated Get-SaveFile - changed -InitialDirectory to -Path and aliased to 'InitialDirectory'
* updated Get-SubnetMaskIPv4 - changed -NetworkLength to -Length and aliased to old name, changed -IncludeCIDR to -IncludeInput to be more consistent, changed field name with -IncludeInput
* updated Get-TruncatedDate - changed -IncludeOriginal to -IncludeInput and aliased to 'IncludeOriginal'
* updated Get-Type - added begin, process, end blocks and write-verbose
* updated Get-WordCount - updated comment help to more accurately reflect function
* updated New-InputBox - added write-verbose statements
* updated New-Popup - added example in help
* updated New-Screenshot - added begin, process, end blocks, added write-verbose
* updated New-Shortcut - fixed logic errors that prevented proper functioning
* updated Resolve-FQDN - added -IncludeInput, changed -ComputerName to [string[]]
* updated Resolve-HostName - changed -HostName to [string[]], added -IncludeInput, added example
* updated Set-Display - corrected example in comment help, corrected example works flawlessly
* updated Show-FileAttribute - added examples
* updated Test-IsDate - changed New-Object parameter to match form "-Propery ([ordered] @{...})" so that output matches between PowerShell and pwsh
* updated Test-IsHexString - added .PARAMETER statements to comment help
* updated Test-IsNumeric - changed New-Object parameter to match form "-Propery ([ordered] @{...})" so that output matches between PowerShell and pwsh
* updated Test-NTPDateVsNow - added -IncludeInput parameter, -ComputerName no longer mandatory and if left blank uses Get-ADDomainController to determine name of DC, added example
* updated sed - added process blocks and Write-Verbose


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.2.9 1,614 9/30/2022
2.2.8 1,359 2/25/2022
2.2.7 232 11/17/2021
2.2.6 212 8/2/2021
2.2.5 9 8/2/2021
2.2.4 46 6/30/2021
2.2.3 32 6/3/2021 (current version) 169 3/23/2021 62 2/15/2021 27 2/8/2021 61 12/17/2020 78 10/27/2020 17 10/12/2020 11 10/12/2020
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