A curated collection of over 190 PowerShell functions. Many functions written by me. Others are attributed wherever possible.

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Install-Module -Name PoshFunctions -RequiredVersion 2.2.7

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Bill Riedy


(c) 2021 Bill Riedy. All rights reserved.

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base64 beep binaryip calendar capslock color-hex color-rgb color-show computersite computer-site credential date-random datetime date-truncate days-week decimalip display dns-async dotteddecimalip email-address expand-string expand-tab exponentiation file file-encoding file-invalidchar folder format functions gui ini inputbox ip iprange isadmin isdate ishexstring isnumeric isvalidemail isvalidip library macaddress magic8ball markdown md5sum msgbox numlock ping-async popup progress random-date registry reverse-string rot13 round savefile scrolllock set-type share-permission share-stat shortcut sid speak subnetmask system timezone urlencode utc wrap-text xml


Compare-ObjectProperty Compare-ObjectSetComplement Compare-ObjectSetDifference Compare-ObjectSetIntersection Compare-ObjectSetUnion Compare-PSGalleryObject Convert-HexToRGB Convert-Int32ToUint32 Convert-ObjectToHashtable Convert-RGBToHex Convert-SecureStringToString Convert-UserFlag ConvertFrom-Base64 ConvertFrom-Binary ConvertFrom-DateTime ConvertFrom-FsRight ConvertFrom-Hex ConvertFrom-HtmlEncode ConvertFrom-UrlEncode ConvertFrom-UTC ConvertFrom-Xml ConvertTo-Base64 ConvertTo-Binary ConvertTo-BinaryIPv4 ConvertTo-Bool ConvertTo-DateTime ConvertTo-DecimalIPv4 ConvertTo-DottedDecimalIPv4 ConvertTo-Hex ConvertTo-HtmlEncode ConvertTo-OrderedDictionary ConvertTo-UncPath ConvertTo-UrlEncode ConvertTo-UTC Copy-Object Eexit Expand-IPv6 Expand-String Expand-Tab Export-CSVSortedColumn Export-FontSample FileSizeAbove FileSizeBelow Format-MacAddress Format-RandomCase Format-ReverseString Format-ReverseToken Format-SortedList Format-TitleCase Format-WrapText Get-Address Get-BashPath Get-BinaryType Get-CeasarCipher Get-ComputerSite Get-ComputerUptime Get-DiceRoll Get-DisplayBrightness Get-DNSHostEntryAsync Get-DriveStat Get-DuplicateFileName Get-Enum Get-ExecutableForFile Get-FileEncoding Get-FileName Get-FileWithLeadingSpace Get-FolderName Get-Font Get-Fortune Get-GeoCode Get-InvalidFileCharacter Get-IpRange Get-LastDayInMonth Get-List Get-LongName Get-MachineType Get-MacVendor Get-Magic8Ball Get-Md5Sum Get-MyLocalLogonTime Get-NetworkCredential Get-NTFSPermission Get-NtpDate Get-Power Get-PrintableAscii Get-PrivateProfileComment Get-PrivateProfileSection Get-PrivateProfileSectionNames Get-PrivateProfileString Get-ProcessUser Get-PSWho Get-RandomDate Get-RandomHexDigit Get-RandomMacAddress Get-RegExpandString Get-RegistryValue Get-RelativePath Get-Round Get-SaveFileName Get-ScheduledTaskUser Get-ServiceUser Get-Shortcut Get-ShortName Get-SID Get-SpecialFolder Get-SqlDatabase Get-SqlIndexFragmentation Get-SqlStoredProcedure Get-StaticProperty Get-String Get-SubnetMaskIPv4 Get-TruncatedDate Get-Type Get-TypeAccelerator Get-UrlContent Get-WordCount Get-WordList grep Invoke-Beep Invoke-CountdownTimer Invoke-Speak Join-Object Lock-Workstation Measure-Char Merge-Object mklink Move-ToRecycleBin New-ColorPicker New-Credential New-DatePicker New-FontPicker New-InputBox New-InputBoxSecureString New-MessageBox New-QR New-RandomPassword New-Screenshot New-Shortcut Optimize-SqlIndexFragmentation Optimize-SqlStoredProcedure Out-PDFToPrinter Read-HostWithDefault Remove-BlankOrComment Remove-EmptyProperty Remove-QuotesFromCsv Remove-TeamsCache Remove-Trailing Reset-Desktop Resolve-FQDN Resolve-HostName sed Set-Capslock Set-Display Set-Numlock Set-PrivateProfileComment Set-PrivateProfileString Set-Scrolllock Set-SpeakerVolume Set-Type Set-WindowStyle Show-AllColor Show-Calendar Show-Color Show-ColorsWithBackground Show-DaysOfWeek Show-FileAttribute Show-FsRight Show-Month Show-NamedColor Show-Object Show-Progress Show-ShortDaysOfWeek Show-ShortMonth Show-SubnetMaskIPv4 Show-Timezone Split-Line Start-ADReplication Start-RecordSession Stop-RecordSession Switch-Mute Test-ConnectionAsync Test-IsAdmin Test-IsCapsLock Test-IsDate Test-IsFileLocked Test-IsHexString Test-IsNull Test-IsNumeric Test-IsNumLock Test-IsScrollLock Test-IsValidEmailAddress Test-IsValidIPv4 Test-IsValidIPv6 Test-MultipleBool Test-Network Test-NtpDateVsNow Test-Password Test-PasswordComplexity Test-Port Test-Set Update-ExplorerIcon Use-Stopwatch Write-StringArray Write-StringHash Write-TextMenu


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Release Notes

For full release notes see ReleaseNotes.txt
### 2.2.7
* added module icon file .\PoshFunctions.ico for custom WinForms forms created
* moved function aliases to within the function definition so all the code is together
* added ConvertFrom-HtmlEncode - helps with decoding strings that contain HTML special characters. For instance, 'this & that' becomes 'this & that'
* added ConvertTo-HtmlEncode - helps with encoding strings that contain HTML special characters. For instance, 'this & that' becomes 'this & that'
* added Export-FontSample - creates HTML output of sample text formatted with all of the installed fonts on the system
* added Get-CeasarCipher - a more robust version of Convert-ROT13 where you can specify the key or number of positions to shift. Aliased to 'Convert-ROT13' for backward compatibility.
* added Get-DisplayBrightness - to determine current display brightness
* added Get-DuplicateFileName - creates a quick list of duplicate file names within a given folder
* added Get-List - function to return an array given an indeterminate number of command line parameters
* added Get-String - function to return a string given an indeterminate number of command line parameters
* added New-ColorPicker - presents dialog box where user can select a color.
* added New-DatePicker - presents dialog box where user can select a date, can optionally include the time
* added New-FontPicker - dialog that allows user to select a font from a dialog box
* added Split-Line - more reliably split a string into its constituent lines. Returns an array.
* added Test-MultipleBool - to do logical AND/OR across an array of boolean values
* added Test-PasswordComplexity - to verify if a string is of proper length and matches all character types
* added Write-StringHash - to take a given hashtable and write the code to create it
* removed Convert-ROT13 - see more robust Get-CeasarCipher
* renamed Set-Speaker to Set-SpeakerVolume to be better named. Set an alias to Set-Speaker for backward compatibility
* renamed Union-Object to Merge-Object to get around Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer error
* updated ConvertFrom-Binary - changed result to [uint64[]] to be able to convert larger numbers.
* updated ConvertFrom-Hex - changed result to [uint64[]] to be able to convert larger numbers.
* updated ConvertTo-Binary - changed -Number to [uint64[]] to be able to convert larger numbers. added -MinimumWidth parameter
* updated ConvertTo-Hex - changed -Number to [uint64[]] to be able to convert larger numbers. added -MinimumWidth parameter, and -Prefix parameter
* updated Get-ComputerUptime - to better handle Kerberos errors sometimes encountered when connecting to systems
* updated Get-DriveStat - to better handle Kerberos errors sometimes encountered when connecting to systems
* updated Get-LastDayInMonth - added -Date parameter and parameter set names
* updated Get-MachineType - to better handle Kerberos errors sometimes encountered when connecting to systems
* updated Get-ProcessUser - to better handle Kerberos errors sometimes encountered when connecting to systems
* updated Get-ServiceUser - to better handle Kerberos errors sometimes encountered when connecting to systems
* updated Merge-Object - aliased to 'Union-Object' for backward compatibility
* updated New-InputBoxSecureString - added module custom icon
* updated New-MessageBox - renamed from New-Popup (aliased for backward compatibility). added functionality for default button
* updated New-RandomPassword - added -TitleCase, -RandomCase, -Web. Changed default parameter set name to ReadableTitleCase
* updated Optimize-SqlIndexFragmentation - to handle error condition of index not having page level locking on. If that error is encountered it enables lock, optimizes index, then disables lock
* updated Set-Display - added -Brightness to set the brightness of the display
* updated Start-ADReplication - added -ThrottleLimit so as to not over saturate the local computer
* updated Test-ConnectionAsync - added -Full switch and made default output brief, slight formatting change in output
* updated Write-StringArray - added -ExcludeDollarSign to make it easier to create input for *.psd1 files

### 2.2.6
* added Get-MyLocalLogonTime
* added Get-RelativePath
* added Use-Stopwatch
* updated Get-Shortcut
* updated New-Shortcut
* updated Start-ADReplication

### 2.2.5
* added Compare-ObjectSetComplement
* added Compare-ObjectSetDifference
* added Compare-ObjectSetIntersection
* added Compare-ObjectSetUnion
* added Get-ProcessUser
* added Get-ScheduledTaskUser
* added Get-ServiceUser
* added Test-Set
* updated Optimize-SqlIndexFragmentation
* updated Optimize-SqlStoredProcedure

### 2.2.4
* added Get-SqlDatabase
* added Get-SqlIndexFragmentation
* added Get-SqlStoredProcedure
* added Optimize-SqlIndexFragmentation
* added Optimize-SqlStoredProcedure

### 2.3.3
* added Invoke-CountdownTimer to implement a count down timer. Accurate to within several seconds

### 2.2.2
* Changed to SemVer versioning, 3 positions Major#.Minor#.Build#
* added Convert-Int32ToUint32 to aid in converting 32 bitmasks which are interpreted as negative int32 numbers, returned from things like (Get-Acl -Path $pwd).Access.FileSystemRights
* added Format-ReverseToken to take a tokenized string like 'monster.google.com' and convert it to 'com.google.monster'
* added New-InputBoxSecureString which will prompt for value and return a secure string. Can optionally verify input, and specify labels for input box(es)
* renamed Get-FolderName from Get-Folder to not conflict with Vmware module. Aliased to Get-Folder for backward compatibility
* renamed Get-SaveFileName from Get-SaveFile to be more consistent across file/folder functions. Aliased to Get-SaveFile for backward compatibility
* updated Convert-RGBToHex to better handle color specifications
* updated ConvertTo-DateTime because of logic error in handling Unix datetime strings
* updated Get-BashPath to include switch so as to not resolve path to existing path on the system
* updated Get-FileWithLeadingSpace to just produce the fullname of the files
* updated Get-Fortune and added -Speak switch
* updated Get-NTFSPermission to use Convert-Int32ToUint32 for certain filesystem rights, like -1610612736 corresponds to GenericExecute,GenericRead and previously the negative number would throw an error as it is really a 32 bitmask and not an int32
* updated Test-Port so that the results are given in the Process block and not wait until the End block
that the results are given in the Process block and not wait until the End block


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.2.9 1,598 9/30/2022
2.2.8 1,359 2/25/2022
2.2.7 (current version) 232 11/17/2021
2.2.6 212 8/2/2021
2.2.5 9 8/2/2021
2.2.4 46 6/30/2021
2.2.3 32 6/3/2021 169 3/23/2021 62 2/15/2021 27 2/8/2021 61 12/17/2020 78 10/27/2020 17 10/12/2020 11 10/12/2020
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