Powershell Module for MS Excel Automation

Powershell Module for Excel Automation

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Install-Module -Name SLPSLib

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Kiran Reddy


(c) 2014 Kiran Reddy. All rights reserved.

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Excel MSExcel spreadsheet vlookup csv


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Create new excel files, modify existing files.
Add - Delete - Copy - Rename - Move worksheets within a workbook
Import Text files ( tab,comma,space,fixed width)
Import a bunch of csv files as separate worksheets into a single excel file.
Create tables and set built-in table styles
Create DefinedNames
Insert PageBreaks,SplitPanes,FreezePanes.
Add Conditional Formatting Iconsets,Databars,ColorScale,& Highlighting
Add DataValidation
Merge/Unmerge cells, set built-in cell styles Eg: Good,Bad,Calculation etc
Support for PasteSpecial: 'Formatting','Formulas','Paste','Values','Transpose'
Sort & Filter data
AutoFit Rows & Columns
Hide Rows & Columns
Group/ungroup rows, columns
Protect/Unprotect worksheets
Set Row height & column width
Set document Metadata such as Author,Category,Keywords etc
Show/hide gridlines from one or all worksheets in a workbook
set Font, Alignment, border, fill, gradient fill etc.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0 (current version) 2,591 4/9/2015