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Install-Module -Name TerminalVelocity

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James Brundage


2020-2022 Start-Automating

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WindowsTerminal TerminalVelocity


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Release Notes

## 0.3.1:

* Rebranded module to TerminalVelocity (Fixes #10)
* Added logo (Fixes #13) (thanks to [PSSVG](https://pssvg.start-automating.com/))
* Add/New/Set-WTProfile:  Keeping in sync with Schema (Fixing #8) (thanks to [PipeScript](https://github.com/StartAutomating/PipeScript) )
* Set-WTProfile:
 * Added -Overwrite (Fixes #17)
 * Caching profile in memory (Fixes #11)
* Show-WT:
 * Support for -PixelShaders (Fixes #14)
 * Made -Wait wait and added -Duration (Fixes #15)
 * Restoring profiles after -Duration (Fixes #16)
* Autogenerating docs (Fixes #18) (thanks to [HelpOut](https://github.com/StartAutomating/HelpOut))


## 0.3

* New Commands:
 * Clear-WTColorScheme
* Bugfixes
 * Show-WT now honors -UseAcrylic
 * Set-WTProfile -Current clarifies the current profile.
 * Add-WTProfile will now add profiles to the end.
 * Start-WT now handles -Split and multiple sequences effectively.


## 0.2
* New Commands:
 * Backup/Restore-WTProfile
 * Remove-WTColorScheme

* New Formatting:
 * Color Schemes can now be previewed.

* Improved Commands:
 * Show-WT:
   * Can now show from a URI
   * Can now show from within WSL instance
 * Start-WT can now run -Elevated

* Reliability improvements:
 * Set-WTProfile and Set-WTColorScheme now try up to three times
 * Show-WT now only clears the last image in a sequence, for improved perf and experience

* Assetation:
 * Included demo of color scheme preview



Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.3.1 (current version) 68 11/8/2022