Add few cmdlets to facilitate your Azure AD management, especially with Administrative Unit, through PowerShell interface

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Install-Module -Name Use-AzureAD -RequiredVersion 0.5

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API AzureAD Azure MSGraph GraphAPI AdministrativeUnit


Clear-AzureADAccessToken Connect-AzureADFromAccessToken Get-AzureADAccessToken Get-AzureADAdministrativeUnitAllMembers Get-AzureADMyInfo Get-AzureADTenantInfo Get-AzureADUserAllInfo Invoke-APIMSGraphBeta Set-AzureADAdministrativeUnitAdminRole Set-AzureADProxy Sync-ADOUtoAzureADAdministrativeUnit Sync-ADUsertoAzureADAdministrativeUnitMember Test-ADModule Test-AzureADAccesToken


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

v0.5 : first public release : get a valid access token (MFA supported) for Microsoft Graph Beta APIs, get a valid token for Microsoft Graph API standard / cloud endpoint (ressource and be able to use AzureADPreview cmdlets without reauthenticating, get all properties available (ex : extensionattribute) for an AAD user account, set a web proxy to be used with Use-AzureAD and AzureADPreview cmdlets, get all info for current logged in (@ Azure AD Tenant and Graph APIs) AAD user account, create / synchronize your on premise Active Directory OUs with Azure AD Administrive Units (not managed currently through Azure AD Connect or other Microsoft cmdlets / modules), add / synchronize your on premise Active Directory users DN with Azure AD Administrative Unit membership (not managed currently through Azure AD Connect or other Microsoft cmdlets / modules), add / remove Azure AD user account in Administrative Unit Role (everything managed in an easy and smooth way including, enabling the AAD role if missing and so on), list all members of an Azure AD Administrative Unit


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.7 259 9/23/2021
1.6 21 9/12/2021
1.5.1 34 8/16/2021
1.5 9 8/16/2021
1.4 68 3/9/2021
1.3 29 2/6/2021
1.2 38 10/7/2020
1.1 12 9/8/2020
1.0 11 9/7/2020
0.9 52 6/7/2020
0.8 14 5/29/2020
0.7 22 5/12/2020
0.6 14 5/4/2020
0.5 (current version) 19 4/27/2020
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