Provides Connectivity and access to Microsoft Graph API

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Install-Module -Name psmsgraph -RequiredVersion

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Mark Kraus


(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

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Graph GraphAPI MSGraph MSGraphAPI PSMSGraph PSMSGraphAPI MicrosoftGraph MicrosoftGraphAPI API OAuth REST CRUD


Add-AADAppRoleAssignment Export-GraphApplication Export-GraphOauthAccessToken Get-AADGroupByDisplayName Get-AADGroupByID Get-AADGroupMember Get-AADServicePrincipalAppRoleAssignedTo Get-AADServicePrinicpalbyDisplayName Get-AADServicePrinicpalbyId Get-AADUserAll Get-AADUserAppRoleAssignment Get-AADUserByID Get-AADUserByUserPrincipalName Get-GraphOauthAccessToken Get-GraphOauthAuthorizationCode Import-GraphApplication Import-GraphOauthAccessToken Invoke-GraphRequest New-GraphApplication New-GraphOauthAccessToken Remove-AADAppRoleAssignment Update-GraphOauthAccessToken


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Release Notes

# Version (2017-04-22)
## Functions
### Get-GraphOauthAccessToken
* Revised Invoke-WebRequest error handling. Now uses ```MSGraphAPI.Oauth.Exception``` to handle formating
* Simplified error handling for JSON parsing
* Revamped credential object creation for readbility.
* Clean up debug code

## Types
### MSGraphAPI.Oauth.Exception
* Added the ```MSGraphAPI.Oauth.Exception``` type to handle OAuth related ```Invoke-Webrequest``` Exceptions
* New ScriptMethod JSONResponse converts the response stream from the ```Invoke-WebRequest``` exception from JSON to PSObject

## Test
### Get-GraphOauthAccessToken.Unit.Tests.ps1
* Added missing code coverage for ```Invoke-webRequest``` error handling
* Add missing code coverage for JSON parsing error handling
* Now at 100% code coverage for ```Get-GraphOauthAccessToken```!

## Built Toolds
### psake.ps1
* Adjust recommit logic in PostDeploy task
* Added ```!forcrecommit``` to override default ignores if needed
* Added ```devlop``` to ignored branch for recommits as constant work in the develop branch leads to staging issues.
* Added comment based help file header.

## Documentation
### Get-GraphOauthAccessToken
* Modifyed Description to something useful
* adjusted formating on ```Resource``` parameter
* Added ```Get-GraphOauthAuthorizationCode``` to Notes
* Added ```Get-GraphOauthAuthorizationCode``` to Links


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 8,009 5/26/2019 3,853 4/30/2017 (current version) 31 4/22/2017 27 4/15/2017 54 3/5/2017 19 3/3/2017 23 3/1/2017 18 2/27/2017 19 2/26/2017 73 2/26/2017 21 2/25/2017
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