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By: | 6,466,806 downloads | Last Updated: 7/11/2019 | Latest Version: 6.1907.1.0

PowerShell SDK for Microsoft Intune Graph API

By: | 7,686,326 downloads | Last Updated: 3/24/2023 | Latest Version: 2.0.0-preview8

Microsoft Graph PowerShell Authentication Module.

By: | 1,587,825 downloads | Last Updated: 3/24/2021 | Latest Version: 1.1.2

Gather device hash from local machine and automatically upload it to Autopilot

By: | 2,365,460 downloads | Last Updated: 3/15/2023 | Latest Version: 4.1.480

A module for lifecycle management of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. VcRedist downloads, installs and uninstalls the supported (and unsupported) Redistributables. Use for local install, gold image creation and update, or importing as applications into the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Microsoft Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune. ... More info

By: | 1,429,267 downloads | Last Updated: 3/19/2023 | Latest Version: 2303.789

Create evergreen Windows image builds with the latest versions of applications. Evergreen is a simple PowerShell module that retrieves the latest version numbers and download URLs for various software products directly from the vendor source.

By: | 1,684,016 downloads | Last Updated: 3/24/2023 | Latest Version: 2.0.0-preview8

Microsoft Graph PowerShell module

By: | 1,420,944 downloads | Last Updated: 10/24/2020 | Latest Version: 1.3.1

A PowerShell wrapper for the dsregcmd executable's output.

By: | 36,891 downloads | Last Updated: 9/18/2022 | Latest Version: 1.2

A PowerShell module containing a set of tools for managing and diagnosing Intune MDM on Windows endpoints designed with Intune support staff in mind.


By: | 28,606 downloads | Last Updated: 12/10/2021 | Latest Version: 3.2.0

PowerShell Module that queries Microsoft Graph, and allows for cross-tenant Backup & Restore actions of your Intune Configuration.

By: | 23,081 downloads | Last Updated: 4/2/2020 | Latest Version: 2.5.0

PowerShell Functions to query the Microsoft Graph API

By: | 13,710 downloads | Last Updated: 6/2/2020 | Latest Version: 0.1.17

The Modern Workplace Client Center Module provides functions to troubleshoot Microsoft Intune on a Windows 10 client in a modern managed environment. Th initial version mainly allows troubleshooting Azure AD Hybrid Join.

By: | 12,708 downloads | Last Updated: 12/14/2021 | Latest Version:

A module containing tools to assist with the creation of a bootable WinPE USB used to provision devices for enrollment to Intune.

By: | 12,736 downloads | Last Updated: 12/4/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

This Powershell module provides numerous security-related configurations, providing all-round basic protection.

By: | 12,256 downloads | Last Updated: 2/3/2021 | Latest Version: 2.0.19

Automatic Intune and Conditional Access Documentation to simplify the life of admins and consultants.

By: | 8,854 downloads | Last Updated: 3/30/2021 | Latest Version: 0.9.215

Posh365 - Connect, Discover, and Work with Microsoft 365, Graph API, Intune, and Security & Compliance. For more information, questions, feature requests, and syntax examples: Just added New-ExoCBAConnection, to create reusable Exchange Online Certificate Based Authentication (CBA) connections Che... More info

By: | 5,154 downloads | Last Updated: 10/14/2022 | Latest Version: 1.2.8

Various Intune related functions. Some of them are explained at Some of the interesting functions: - Get-IntuneRemediationScriptLocally - gets Intune Remediation scripts information from client`s log files and registry (including scripts content) - Get-IntuneScriptLocally - gets Intune (non-remediation) scripts informati... More info

By: | 7,348 downloads | Last Updated: 9/29/2022 | Latest Version:

The Cayosoft Graph (cGraph) Module for Microsoft PowerShell is a FREE SOLUTION that allows administrators to use PowerShell to call the Microsoft Graph API to manage any Graph accessible resource such as, Azure AD, Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, Intune and more...

By: | 3,331 downloads | Last Updated: 6/29/2020 | Latest Version: 10.2

Microsoft hasn't published any approved PRs on their Convert-WindowsImage module in years. This is a more recent version.

By: | 3,541 downloads | Last Updated: 10/26/2021 | Latest Version: 3.1.2

Automatic Documentation of M365 to simplify the life of admins and consultants.

By: | 2,379 downloads | Last Updated: 7/21/2020 | Latest Version:

Rapidly build VMs in Hyper-V with Intune.HV.Tools.