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By: | 83,599 downloads | Last Updated: 11/15/2022 | Latest Version: 4.2.0

PowerShell module for code-signing with Supported methods: Authenticode, NuGet, ClickOnce manifest signing, OPC signing, JAR signing, Docker signing, Office Macro signing. Supported file formats: EXE, DLL, PowerShell, MSI, CAB, AppX, MSIX, nupkg, Office add-ins, VSIX, Java Archives and more. You can also use to sign y... More info

By: | 2,044 downloads | Last Updated: 5/19/2014 | Latest Version:

The Strong Naming Toolkit: A set of PowerShell Cmdlets to facilitate signing of unsigned 3rd party assemblies with a key of your choice, to allow them to be referenced by strongly named projects.

By: | 523 downloads | Last Updated: 11/16/2022 | Latest Version: 4.2.0

PowerShell module for Docker signing with

By: | 166 downloads | Last Updated: 3/19/2023 | Latest Version: 2.3.12

Take control of your EULANDA ERP software with this powerful PowerShell extension. Requires minimum EULANDA ERP 8.5.58 or newer installed.