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Updates a module from the Powershell Gallery if a newer version is available. Wraps the PowerShellGet function Update-Module and is much faster. This module exports 2 functions: Get-PublishedModuleVersion and Update-InstalledModule. Get-PublishedModuleVersion checks the most recent version of a module in the Powershell gallery. It is based on ide... More info

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When staging environments in a single AD, it is common to create a new identical OU structure for testing purposes. This structure should match the original one, including all child OUs and their linked GPOs. Copy-GPOLinks copies all linked GPOs from a source OU to a target OU in a given domain. Optionally, it recurses through child OUs and copies ... More info

By: | 387 downloads | Last Updated: 7/14/2020 | Latest Version: 1.0

Gets all unlinked GPOs in the targeted domain. Does not use the usual approach with Get-GPReport, because that is too slow in larger environments. Instead it crawls all GPLink attributes.

By: | 312 downloads | Last Updated: 7/14/2020 | Latest Version: 1.0

Updates GPO links on OUs in active directory. Takes a reference GPO whose links serve as a template, and a new GPO that is linked where the reference GPO is already linked. Optionally removes the link to the reference GPO.

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PowerShell ISE: This copies the entire contents or your selection from the script pane to the system clipboard colourised for RTF and HTML, black and white for Unicode Text. The clipboard can be pasted into any application that supports pasting in Unicode Text, RTF or HTML format