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This script requires the Exchange tools to run. It exports the following Exchange Mailbox permissions in a CSV file - Send As - Full Access - Send On Behalf To in order to be able to import them later in another environment using the output CSV file. The Output CSV file will contain the following information for each mailbox permissions informa... More info

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This is a script to demonstrate the usage of Graphical User Interface (GUI) with PowerShell. Just launch the script, and click on the buttons to get your mailbox information, whether you're On-Premises, on a Hybrid mode, or fully on the Cloud.

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This script exports the URLs of all the Exchange servers in a CSV file by default, or dumps the info to the screen (you can then redirect to a file if you wish) if you use the -DoNotExport switch with the script.

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This script gathers events from a computer or a list of computers, from the Application, System or Security or all of these Event logs types. You just have to specify which event ID or IDs (e.g. 105, 1020, 67 or just 105 or any number), and spit the events list on the screen. By default, if no computers are specified, the script will search on the... More info

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This is a WPF GUI that helps to check and bring Exchange Server components to active state. You can list components and filter to view only inactive components, and choose the requester with which you wish to start one or more inactive components. More information here:

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This script takes in input a CSV file issued form an Export-ExchangeURLsv3.ps1 script or a CSV file containing the following headers: ServerName,ServerVersion,EASInternalURL,EASExternalURL,OABInternalURL,OABExternalURL, OWAInternalURL,OWAExternalURL,ECPInternalURL,ECPExternalURL,AutoDiscName,AutoDiscURI, EWSInternalURL,EWSExternalURL,OutlookAnywhe... More info

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This script contains functions to encode and decode files in and from Base64

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This script is a graphical user interface for the Get-EventsFromEventLogs.ps1 script that you can find on my GitHub page See the description in the Get-EventsFromEventLogs function below.

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Probe to try to continuously kill a process, based on process name (test using Get-Process <Process_Name> to get the real process name, and use the script with the -ProcessNameToKill parameter and the process name as a value for this property.

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This script analyses the counters we find with substrings (example: you are looking for Available Memory stats like Min, Avg, Max on a BLG, but don't know the exact counter name, you'll use the -ArrayFilter parameter with an array of substrings like "Memory", "Available" to find all counters within the BLG you specify that have these words in thei... More info