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Simple management functions for accounts and settings on a local machine.

By: | 413 downloads | Last Updated: 5/14/2017 | Latest Version: 1.0

Runs a test DNS scavenging event and returns DNS resource records that are candidates for removal and considered stale. By default the aging intervals of the DNS zone will be used, however a duration for the intervals can be chosen by passing a [TimeSpan] object to the -NoRefreshInterval and -RefreshInterval parameters. Records that fall with... More info


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Gets log files associated with an Exchange database. By default only the log files committed to the Exchange database are returned. These are log files that can be moved or deleted in a situation where free space on the volume hosting the database is running out. Exchange 2010 and greater is supported only. Log files with a sequence number are m... More info


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Tests and monitors network connectivity using ICMP echo packets. Behaviour is similar to the Windows ping command and essentially wraps the Win32_PingStatus WMI class. Failure and success responses can be filtered by a chosen threshold to aid monitoring of connections, and logging to a CSV format file is possible. Logs are not effected by filter... More info