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⭕ You need to read the GitHub's readme page before running this script: 💠 Features of this Hardening script: ✅ Always stays up-to-date with the newest security measures. ✅ Everything is in plain text, nothing hidden, no 3rd party executable or pre-compiled binary is involved. ✅ Doesn't remove o... More info

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This is an advanced PowerShell module for WDAC (Windows Defender Application Control) and automates a lot of tasks. 🟢 Please see the GitHub page for Full details and everything about the module: 🛡️ Here is the list of module's cmdlets ✔️ New-WDACConfig: https://git... More info

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💎 Use a DNS over HTTPS server that doesn't have a stable IP address, on Windows 11 💎 This module will automatically identify the correct and active network adapter/interface and set the Secure DNS settings for it based on parameters supplied by user. That means it will detect the correct network adapter/interface even if you are using: ... More info