By: | 5,121 downloads | Last Updated: 11/19/2015 | Latest Version: 0.92.1

The module Outlook Connector will enable you to connect to MS Outlook session on your computer via few simple to use command line functions. You can pipe array of messages to PowerShell commands and do all the scripting with provided data (grouping, examining, logging, etc.). Or, you can export all or some messages to file system, which is function... More info

By: | 4,654 downloads | Last Updated: 2/21/2021 | Latest Version: 0.0.2

This PowerShell module simplifies operations against Azure cloud ☁ resources, like storage accounts and key vault. The biggest difference between these and other Azure commands is that these do not require additional commands for Azure authentication. Authentication is done transparently for the running session using Azure Managed Identity.

By: | 2,069 downloads | Last Updated: 11/14/2021 | Latest Version: 1.2

The module Credentials Manager provides you with convenient and safe way to store your credentials to file system and effectively re-use them in your scripts. List of commands: Write-Credential Read-Credential Convert-Credential Credentials are saved in file with encrypted content. Only user that saved them, can decrypt them. Compared t... More info

By: | 1,193 downloads | Last Updated: 12/23/2021 | Latest Version: 1.2.0

Installs module from Git repository (i.e. GitHub or Azure DevOps aka VSTS)

By: | 721 downloads | Last Updated: 6/4/2018 | Latest Version: 0.7.1

This PowerShell module helps you to create local files for easy start with Azure Functions. See GitHub repository (Project site) for more information.

By: | 717 downloads | Last Updated: 6/20/2018 | Latest Version: 0.2.45

Module gives result (including live), fixtures, team standings and others for FIFA 2018 - Football World Cup in Russia

By: | 664 downloads | Last Updated: 11/28/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

This module provides functionality for PowerShellGet inspired by Linux command apt-get update. You can 100 times faster search for online modules, scripts, updatable modules, etc. This is only proof-of-concept work, though it is (almost) fully functional.

By: | 598 downloads | Last Updated: 11/21/2019 | Latest Version: 3.0.2

This is PowerShell introduction module. It explains advanced functions and CI/CD integrations.



By: | 388 downloads | Last Updated: 1/21/2017 | Latest Version: 1.0

BST - Binary Search Tree class is example class built according to PowerShell 5 class syntax. It can be used for fast processing of large data structures, where standard PowerShell filtering will be inefficient. An example can be a large structure with more than 10,000 elements. For more information read Wikipedia article https://en.w... More info

By: | 220 downloads | Last Updated: 10/28/2018 | Latest Version: 1.2.1

Get-FolderAge returns `LastModifiedDate` for a specified folder(s) and if folders were modified after a specified cut-off date.

By: | 39 downloads | Last Updated: 12/6/2022 | Latest Version: 1.1.0

This is PowerShell introduction module. It explains advanced functions and CI/CD integrations.