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Get-ADGroupMembers supporting large groups. Returns ADObjects Avoids: msds-memberTransitive (limited in query results to 4500) and a subsequent call to AD to return AD object properties for each distinguishedName in the results. Get-ADGroupMember -Recursive (default Active Directory Web Services MaxGroupOrMemberEntries limit of 5000) ... and a subs... More info

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PowerShell equivalent(ish) of NetStat via Invoke-Command Collects TCP Connections and UDP Endpoints via Get-NetTCPConnection and Get-NETUDPEndpoint respectively; wrapped within Invoke-Command. Links the OwningProcess to Services and/or Processes with the GetServiceDetails and/or GetProcessDetails parameters. The Windows Firewall log can be parsed v... More info

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One-way synchronisation of indirect members of a group to direct members of a group. Use where you have separated groups that contain people (role groups) from groups used to apply resource permissions but the resource in question does not support group nesting. More information on separating role and resource groups can be found in the "Separating... More info